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Noank Shipyard
145 Pearl Street, Noank, CT  06340
Tel: (860) 536-9651   VHF: Monitor Ch. 9   Talk Ch. 10
Fax: (860) 572-8140   Alternate Tel: (860) 536-9651
Nearest Town: Noank   Tourist Info: (860) 572-9578
Noank Shipyard Facilities Icon Marina Facilities (In Season/Off Season)
Fuel: Gasoline, Diesel, High Speed Pumps
Slips: 158 Total, 15 Transient   Max LOA: 300 ft.   Max Beam: 30 ft.
Rate (per ft.): Day $3.00 Week $12.00 Month $35.00
Power: 30 amp $5.00, 50 amp $20.00, 100 amp n/a, 200 amp n/a
Cable TV: $   Dockside Phone: No
Dock Type: Long Fingers, Alongside, Floating, Concrete
Moorings: 75 Total, 10 Transient   Launch: Yes ($Free), Dinghy Dock
Rate: Day $50.00 Week $270.00 Month n/a
Heads: 6 Toilet(s), 4 Shower(s) (with dressing rooms)
Internet: No   Laundry: 2 Washer(s), 2 Dryer(s)
Pump-Out: On-Site, 1 Central, n/a InSlipFull Service, 1 Central, n/a InSlip Fee: $5 Closed Heads: No
Noank Shipyard Operations Icon Marina Operations
Owner/Manager: Dan & Kathleen Burns
Dockmaster: n/a
In-Season: May-Sep, 8am-8pm
Off-Season: Oct-Apr, 9am-5pm
After-Hours Arrival: Call in advance
Reservations: Yes, Preferred
Credit Cards: Visa/MC, AmEx, Discover
Discounts: Boat/US  Dockage: 10-25%  Fuel: $0.10  Repair: Inq.
Pets: Welcome, Dog Walk Area
Handicap Access: Yes, Heads, Docks
Noank Shipyard Supplies Icon Marina Services and Boat Supplies
Services - Docking Assistance, Dock Carts, Concierge Communication - Data Ports, Fax, Phone Message, Mail Package Hold, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Express Mail Supplies - On Site: Ice Block, Ice Cube, Ships' Store, Ice Block, Ice Cube, Ships' Store    Under 1 Mile: Bait/Tackle (Wild Bill's 536-6648), Bait/Tackle (Wild Bill's 536-6648)   1-3 Miles: Marine Discount Store (Sailing Specialties 536-4974), Marine Discount Store (Sailing Specialties 536-4974)   3+ Miles: West Marine (536-1455, 5ml), Propane (Gas Mart 446-9446, 5 ml)  
Noank Shipyard Boatyard Icon Boatyard Services
On Site: Engine Mechanic - Diesel, Refrigeration, Crane, Travelift (70T), A/C, Forklift, Brightwork, Electronic Sales, Electronics Repairs, Engine Mechanic - Gas, Yacht Broker (Y.B. Rodgers Yacht Sales/Seaport Yacht Sales), Electrical Repairs, Woodwork, Wash/Wax, Interior Cleaning, Awlgrip, Divers, Metal Fabrication (Mystic R. Metal Works), Bottom Cleaning, Rigger, Inflatable Repairs, Hull Repairs, Painting, Travelift (70T), Forklift, Crane, Crane (Rigging crane), Engine Mechanic - Gas, Engine Mechanic - Diesel, Electrical Repairs, Electronic Sales, Electronics Repairs, Hull Repairs, Rigger, Divers, Bottom Cleaning, Brightwork, A/C, Refrigeration, Wash/Wax, Interior Cleaning, Props, Woodwork, Inflatable Repairs, Metal Fabrication (Mystic R. Metal Works), Painting, Awlgrip, Total Refits, Yacht Broker (Y.B. Rodgers Yacht Sales/Seaport Yacht Sales)
On Call: Props, Life Raft Serv, Yacht Interiors, Total Refits, Upholstery, Props, Life Raft Serv, Upholstery, Yacht Interiors, Total Refits
Under 1 Mile: Canvas Work, Launching Ramp, Sail Loft, Launching Ramp, Sail Loft, Canvas
Yard Rates: $75/hr., Haul & Launch $12-17.50/ft.(blocking Incl.), Power Wash Incl., Bottom Paint $14/ft.,  Storage: In-Water $21/ft.  
Noank Shipyard Restaurants Icon Restaurants and Accommodations
Near: Snack Bar (Carson's), Restaurant (Christine's Heart in Soul Café ()536-1244, L: $7-12, D: $10-20, live entertainment Wed-Sun 9pm+ Cover $2-10), Pizzerias (Mystic 572-7722, L: $10, D: $25), Pizzerias (Universal)
Under 1 Mile: Restaurant (Drawbridge Inn ()536-9653), Restaurant (Seahorse 536-1670)
1-3 Miles: Hotel (Harbour Inn ()-572-9253), Hotel (Harbour Inn 572-9253, $55-$300), Condo/Cottage (Shore Inne ()-536-1180), Inn/B&B (Steamboat Inn 536-8300, $160-$275)
3+ Miles: Hotel (B.W. Sovereign ()-536-4321, $100-280, 3.5 mi.), Hotel (Seaport Motor Inn 536-2621,, 4 mi.), Inn/B&B (Whaler's Inn 536-1506,, 3.5 mi.), Inn/B&B (Whaler's Inn 536-1506, $109-$250, 3.5 mi.)
Noank Shipyard Recreation Icon Recreation and Entertainment
On Site: Dive Shop, Fishing Charter, Picnic Area, Picnic Area, Dive Shop, Boat Rentals, Fishing Charter
Near: Playground, Volleyball, Playground, Volleyball, Park
Under 1 Mile: Beach, Jog Paths, Roller Blade/Bike Paths, Tennis Courts, Beach, Tennis Courts, Tennis Courts (Noank Play area), Jog Paths, Hike/Bike Trails, Galleries
1-3 Miles: Fitness Center (Mystic Comm Center 536-3575), Golf Course (Pequabuck 583-7307), Fitness Center (Mystic Comm Center 536-3575), Fitness Center (Complete Fitness 572-0898), Museum, Tours
3+ Miles: Golf Course (Birch Plain G.C. 445-9918, 5 mi.), Golf Course (Birch Plain G.C. 445-9918, 5 mi.), Cinema (5ml), Sightseeing (5 mi.)
Noank Shipyard Provisioning Icon Provisioning and General Services
On Site: Library
On Call: Florist, Florist
Near: Bakery, Bakery (Mystic River Baking Co.), Convenience Store, Deli, Deli (2 Sisters Deli 536-1244), Fishmonger, Fishmonger, Gourmet Shop, Liquor Store (Universal 536-0122), Market (Universal 536-0122), Wine/Beer, Convenience Store, Market (Universal 536-0122), Deli (2 Sisters Deli 536-1244), Liquor Store (Universal 536-0122), Bakery (Mystic River Baking Co.), Fishmonger, Protestant Church, Post Office, Post Office, Protestant Church, Protestant Church (Baptist 536-7129)
Under 1 Mile: Convenience Store (SuperSaver 581-6268), Green Grocer, Liquor Store (Big Daddy's 463-1184), Fishmonger (536-0609), Hair Salon, Hair Salon
1-3 Miles: Gourmet Shop (Mystic Market 536-1500), Health Food, Supermarket (Winn-Dixie 587-0624), Gourmet Shop (Mystic Market 536-1500), Farmers' Market (Mystic), Bank/ATM, Bookstore (Bank Square Books 356-3795), Catholic Church, Hardware Store (Servistar 448-1760), Library (Mystic/Noank 536-7721), Newsstand, Pharmacy (Fort Hill 445-6431), Bank/ATM, Catholic Church, Library (Mystic/Noank 536-7721), Bookstore (Bank Square Books 356-3795), Pharmacy (CVS 536-5635), Pharmacy (Fort Hill 445-6431), Newsstand, Hardware Store (Servistar 448-1760)
3+ Miles: Farmers' Market (Groton Shopping Plaza Wed 2-6pm, Jun-Oct, 5 mi.), Supermarket (A&P 572-8446, McQuades 572-3929, 5 mi.), Supermarket (A&P 572-8446, McQuades 572-3929, 5 mi.), Farmers' Market (Groton Shopping Plaza Wed 2-6pm, Jun-Oct, 5 mi.), Shops (3.5 mi.), Shops (3.5 mi.)
Noank Shipyard Transportation Icon Transportation
On Site: Courtesy Transport, Courtesy Transport, Bikes (free with $10 deposit and ID), Rental Car (Enterprise 536-6829), Taxi (Yellow Cab 443-6230)
On Call: Rental Car (Enterprise 536-6829), Taxi (Yellow Cab 443-6230), Rental Car (Enterprise 536-6829), Taxi (Yellow Cab 443-6230)
Near: How do guests move around (Taxi, Bike, dinghy, walk), How do guests move around (Taxi, Bike, dinghy, walk)
1-3 Miles: Rail (Amtrak-Mys 800-872-7245)
Airport: 594-2556 (5ml)
Noank Shipyard Medical Icon Medical Services
On Site: 911 Service Near: Veterinarian (Noank-Mystic Vet 536-6656)
1-3 Miles: Doctor (Westerly Hospital Mystic Medical 536-1666)
3+ Miles: Chiropractor (4 mi.)
Hospital: Lawrence & Memorial 437-8101 (10 mi.)
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Noank Shipyard

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